Our volunteer coaches value understanding of the game and character development over winning at any cost. Each sport is structured so that every child will have the opportunity to contribute to and experience the game in a fun and safe environment. 

Many parents express that sports have ‘taken over their lives.'  Seminole Leagues includes parents and families as part of the league community. A majority of youth sports programs stress winning over skill development and sportsmanship, leading to anxiety, stress, and ultimately attrition for the young athlete. Due to their intense training and schedules, participation in these sports programs comes at the expense of church and family. They require several practices a week, games on weekends including Sunday mornings and tournaments regularly scheduled over holiday weekends. Seminole Leagues complements family and church time. Practice is held one day a week for 60 to 75 minutes, and games are on Saturdays at the Holy Cross Academy Upper Campus located at 100 Aero Lane in Sanford.

Seminole Leagues include soccer, basketball, flag football, and cheerleading, aimed at building self-confidence in both the children's skills and abilities on and off the field. Programs extend from Pre-K to 5th grade, welcoming any and all skill levels.  

We have recently added co-ed volleyball for 3rd - 8th grade.