Seminole Leagues has MULTIPLE age groups*

Youth Flag Football League

Level 1 (Ages 4 & 5) - This division is purely instructional. The players learn rules, fundamentals and how to play as a team. Games take about an "hour," with shorter intervals to keep the players engaged and rotating. Typically for the Pre-K and Kindergarten age groups, no score is kept. The emphasis of the game is placed on effort and having fun with some rules of the game altered to promote opportunities for scoring.

Level 2 (Ages 5 to 7) - In the middle divisions of Seminole Leagues, the score is not tracked. The focus is on having fun, and a greater emphasis on techniques and rules. The focus is on team play and slightly longer periods between breaks to challenge kids. Fewer rules are altered - primarily just for safety and game flow.

Level 3 (Ages 7 to 9) - In Level 3 we concentrate on teaching team play and proper technique. There is more emphasis on the rules and execution as we prepare them for Level 4.  With a focus on fair play and creating team opportunities, the score is still not emphasized, though many kids and parents are aware. We stress defense and assists as being equally important to scoring.

Level 4 (Ages 9 to 11) - In this division of Seminole Leagues, we keep score. The rules mirror middle school play with only a few exceptions for safety and fair play. The periods are longer to allow the game to progress, and each player still gets equal playing time. The coaches continue to work with the team on fundamentals and run designed plays and schemes. Players learn roles and focus on passing and spreading the field/court.

*Age groups are determined each season by enrollment.  It is our goal to keep kids playing against kids of similar age and ability.