Players develop athletically, spiritually, and mentally. Coaches will promote teamwork, respect, integrity, and sportsmanship through encouragement and positive reinforcement.

Athletes learn the fundamentals of Volleyball in a fun atmosphere. All age groups are taught skills like serving, bumping and setting and the techniques that help their game progress to the next level.

Volleyball will be played on 60 feet by 30 feet court. The net is three feet wide, with heights depending on the age group. A match consists of the best two out of three games, the first two games played to 21 points, and the last game played to 15. Teams must win by two points in all games. International or rally scoring is used, meaning a team gets the point whether they are serving or not.



Please use the contact button below or call us at 407-915-5867.  You are welcome to set up a visit to tour the campus located at 100 Aero Lane, Sanford FL 32771. The program at Seminole Leagues emphasizes teamwork and sportsmanship and focuses on the instructional aspects which build self-confidence in skills and abilities.